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“My artwork is a salute to the real heroes of our country,” says 5 year old Aadi Jain from Kolkata

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Hello young artists, your friend Sara here! Bright and colourful is how ‘Art with Sara’ section is. Today on the eve of India’s Independence Day, I am happy to   dedicate this section to the  artwork and expressions of a young artist, who wants to use his art and skills to convey a message for the country.

Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Adi Kolkata Bookosmia5 year old Aadi Jain from Kolkata  shares his artwork and his understanding of freedom and who the real heroes of the country are .




I have made this drawing for 15th of August as we are celebrating our  Independence day.
Art means colours to me, so I have used the colours of our flag to create this picture,  a salute to the real heroes of our nation who  are keeping our country safe. When I was drawing the pictures, I felt very proud for them. 
Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Independence Day Bookosmia
Freedom to me means that I don’t have to ask for things. This could be in any aspect of life.
I like to colour with pencil colours. I am not learning to paint in any class but my Mumma tells me how  to do things and I do.  She bought me many colours which got me interested in art.
I feel artists can make a difference to India by draw good pictures for India and of India.  I love my country very much.

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