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“Art has made me much happier,” says Aayat,7 years, London #ArtWithSara#6

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Hey young artists, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with Sara’ section, where I publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of  ‘expressing their art.’

Art with Sara young artist Aayat London Bookosmia

Today on the birth anniversary of Amelia Earhart, the poster child of ‘what girls can achieve,’ I am excited to share this beautiful piece by Aayat Lal. Living in London and all of 7 years, Aayat knows more about Indian art forms than most of us would. Aayat wants to do her bit to revive traditional folkarts,  enjoying immensely the folk art  workshops by MeMeraki.

Here is a girl on a mission!


During Lockdown, these art classes have inspired me to become an artist.  Every time I paint, I get better at it.

Art with Sara Aayat London Bookosmia

I joined these classes because I wanted to get better at art. I also joined these  art classes because I knew that only a few families are doing these art forms. This means that in a few years, these art forms will become extinct.


We have to learn about these art forms more so that we can pass it on to others and we can save these precious art forms.

Art with Sara Aayat London Bookosmia


When I finish each painting, I feel amazed because my painting looked so good. I have also learnt that India has a lot of art forms.


I have learnt many art forms from India so are. Art with Sara Aayat London Bookosmia

Some of them are Phad Art from Rajasthan, Pichwai from Rajasthan, Assamese Scroll from Assam, Gond from Bhopal, Warli from Maharashtra, Pattachitra from Bengal and Orissa, Mata Ni Pachedi from Gujarat and Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh.


My favourite artform is Phad Art because it’s very colourful.

Art with sara Aayat London Bookosmia

When I read books, it’s like my brain is stretching to think more about the scenes and the writing and then I picture the scene in my mind. These art classes have also helped me with my concentration.


I know that every GOND Painting has a story behind it and a few more art forms also have stories too.Art has made me much happier and has also made me forget all the bad things in life.

Art with Sara Aayat Bookosmia London

Now when I look at a painting, I want to know what artform it is and what is the story behind it. I am so thankful that art classes are here.

Art activites with Sara Aayat London Bookosmia


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