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Art with Sara: Submission Guidelines

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Art with SaraHello young artists, Sara here! Dabbled in some art lately, or perhaps a casual doodle?
I would love to see it and also publish your thoughts on the experience of creating art. Need a little help?
Here are some suggestions on what you can send to me, not more than 500 words typed out:
What made you come up with your recent artwork? Have you always enjoyed art or were you hesitant in the beginning? 
How and why did you choose the key theme/ subject in your artwork?
What were your feelings at different stages- while creating your artwork, working on it and finally completing it?
Do you think your picture tells a story? What can it be.
Which is your favourite art work? It can be your own work or someone else’s.
Can you share a picture of it and tell me what you love about it?
Please share your typed out responses and plenty of high resolution pictures of your artwork for readers to appreciate your work better, with me at

5 Replies to “Art with Sara: Submission Guidelines”

  • Neelima

    Dear Editor/ Admin,
    I came across your site and was pleasantly surprised. Kudos to your team for providing such wonderful platform for displaying their creativity.
    I would like to submit some if the artworks of my son who loves painting .Please let me know the process.

  • Manisha

    Kindly tell me how I can I submit the artwork of my son who is 9 year old.

  • Manasranjan Mohapatra

    Beautiful Gunu.

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