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The Bengal Tiger- A Prayer for you | Bookosmia

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Nature with Sara activities for kids BookosmiaHello hello, Sara here! Thanks for pouring in your entries to my ‘Nature with Sara’ section, in which we find a beautiful way to show our care for nature.


Here is a powerful poem that all of us must read and think over.

SaraReads GratitudeDuringCovidYoung author Prabhgeet

11 year old Prabhgeet Kaur from Kolkata makes a compassionate plea to save tigers . I am with her. Won’t you join us too? 

Prabhgeet goes to Loreto House School,  Kolkata.


It is groaning for help as loud as it can,
Begging for mercy from the strong and cruel man.
The Bengal tiger’s home is the forest, not the zoo,
It is missing the trees and its friends too.
bengal tiger poem kids
Some tigers are killed for their skin,
Used to decorate bags, dresses and fashion whims.
bengal tiger poem kids
Around hundred tigers are killed every year,
The world belongs to them too, so is killing them fair?
Fear God, we are killing his children,
Save tigers as they are God’s voice from heaven.
About the poet-Prabhgeet
Read a moving story about a tiger who spoke, Call of the wild by 12 year old Neha from Chennai.
Nature with Sara activities for kids Bookosmia
Hey, Sara here again.
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11 Replies to “The Bengal Tiger- A Prayer for you | Bookosmia”

  • Harpreet Kaur

    Let’s all unite to save Tigers

  • Dravinder Singh

    Great my lovely daughter.

  • Mita Ghosh

    Excellent! Keep up the good work

  • Smita Singh

    Let’s all unite to save Tigers
    & Great my lovely daughter.

  • Archit Dev Singh

    Lovely and so thoughtful…..keep writing dear

  • Susweta Paul

    Beautifully written ?? Keep up the good work

  • archana Langer

    Yes let’s save the Tigers ? Very sweet yet impactful poem Prabhgeet! Well done!

  • Baljit Kaur Bola

    What a beautiful poem with a heartfelt message. Congratulations!

  • Gurpreet Banwait

    Amazing poem and so well written. Very expressive and thought provoking. So talented!

  • Harmony Banwait

    This is a wonderful piece of work. Looking forward to reading more of your poetry. Well done!

  • Mrityunjoy Halder

    Very thoughtful poem, keep it up dear?

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