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Book Reviews with Sara#1: Yaksha, by Harshika,8 years, Hyderabad

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Hey everyone, Sara here!  Today I am launching a new activity section which is very special to me. Book reviews by kids!

First one rolling in is from 8 year old Harshika from Hyderabad. It is on my favourite book Yaksha, an Indian superhero who tells kids it is ok to feel different.


Book: Yaksha

Publisher: Bookosmia

Author: Archana Mohan

Illustrator: Adithyaa Sadashiv

The story is about a boy named Yaksha who is in the same grade as me. He  learns about his family secret of Yakshagana dance from his parents and  grandmother. When he learns that the dance form is dying, he wears a  Yakshagana dress to school and tells his friends about it. 


Before reading this book, I had never heard of Yakshagana. I loved this book because of its illustrations and story, one activity and also because the boy is of my age and grade. I like that Yaksha said it is ok to be different. 


I did not like that he was bullied in his new school. If I was in Yaksha’s school, I would have been kind to him and not made fun of anyone because that makes one sad. If I was the author, the book would have ended with Yaksha going on to perform many competitions inspiring other children and everyone appreciating him.


After I read the book, my mumma helped me know more about Yakshagana. I am happy she gave me this book. 


Harshika book review with Sara Bookosmia
Harshika Nair

Age : 8

Delhi Public School, Hyderabad


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