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‘Butterfly, oh butterfly’ Poem by 9 year old Aashritha from Bangalore and some cool facts

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Nature with Sara activities for kids BookosmiaHello hello, Sara here! Weekends mean its time to enjoy nature. If not physically, through the wonderful write ups and cool facts in our ‘Nature with Sara ‘section !

Did you know that In India, the month of  September ‘20 has been dedicated to one of the most loved, beautiful, and colourful winged wonders—butterflies?

So, here is a wonderful poem by  Aashritha Surya Prakash on the charming butterflies. #BigButterflyMonth

Sara reads stories for kids by young writers Aashritha Bangalore Bookosmia

Aashritha is a 4 grade student studying in Vidya Niketan School, Bangalore. from reading and writing, she loves DIY crafts and classical dancing.  She thoroughly enjoys her creative writing classes at Talespin



Butterfly , oh butterfly!

Oh Nature’s enticing mysteries,
Butterfly , oh butterfly !
Are you from another world ?
Where flowers grow ,
In all their glow,
Without withering at all ?

Nature with Sara Butterfly Poem Bookosmia

You fly so light
In the sky ,
Without a single flaw ,
You drink nectar
And survive,
Without any food at all?

Nature with Sara butterfly poem by Bookosmia

Butterfly , oh butterfly!
Where do you get those patterns ?
Do fairies paint you
In the night,
Or in the deep dark wood ?
No, not at all
But you thought so, of course you would.

Nature with Sara butterfly poem by Bookosmia

The truth is
The great god painted us
Each of us differs
In our own way!


Hey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy the poem? After that beautiful write up, how about some some cool facts by passionate birder, Subhadra Devi!

Cool Fact#1 : Butterflies taste with their feet

Butterflies have taste buds (just like our tongue, but stronger) on their feet. They use it for testing for toxins on the plant before they would lay their eggs.


Cool Fact#2:  There are around 1400 species of butterflies in India!

India is one of the 17 ‘megadiverse’ countries of the world, with so many species.A lot of these species are endemic to India, which means they can be seen only in India!


Cool Fact #3: Butterflies have different colour and pattern through tiny scales

The colours and patterns on butterfly wings are made up of tiny scales on them. Some butterflies’ wings reflect light, creating the shiny effect on their wings.

Photo credits: Subhadra Devi

EXCITING NEWS- As part of the Big Butterfly Month, our friend Subhadra and her colleagues are conducting a webinar for all ages! Dont miss this weekend fun and tell me how you felt/what you learnt at I would love to publish them. Adios!
Butterfly month quiz and webinar

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