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Read with Sara stories for kids Vihaan Dhir Kolkata BookosmiaHow was Diwali? 9 year old Vihaan Dhir, a Bookosmian From Kolkata writes a wonderful account of this year’s celebration was quite vibrant compared to last year.
He goes to La Martiniere for Boys.
Diwali 2021 - Green crackers and family celebration

The main difference between Diwali celebration last year and this year is the pandemic and its life cycle.


Last year we experienced a high volume of Covid cases and the unavailability of the vaccine led to celebrations that were mostly indoors or over Zoom with extended families from other cities. This year, with the drive from the government more than 100 crore vaccines have been given and covid cases are also low. We could observe safety measures and interact with friends and family. This year, we celebrated a “green” Diwali with only green fire crackers and lights to brighten up the celebrations.


Diwali 2021 - Green crackers and family celebration



Last year I could not give my friends gifts personally but this year I went to their houses and gave them gifts.

Diwali 2021 - Green crackers and family celebration

While there may have been differences in how we celebrated Diwali last year and this year, the most important thing remains the same every year that is – family.


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