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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here.




Ganesh Chaturthi - A letter to Lord GaneshaToday is Ganesh Chaturthi! 8 year old Aaryan Vittal, a Bookosmian from Bangalore, is fascinated by the god and writes a letter to him! What would you write?
He goes to Ekya JP Nagar.
Ganesh Chaturthi - A letter to Lord Ganesha
Dear Ganesha,
Thank you for all the blessings..
I start my day with your name Ganesha.
My Achi has taught me that you remove all the obstacles of our day ahead. I am fascinated and love to hear various stories about you Ganesha! I have learned that you are the younger son of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.
I always wondered why you have a elephant head?
Then I learnt :
Big head- To encourage us to think big
Large ears-To speak less, listen more
Small eyes-To emphasis on the importance of concentration
Small mouth-To talk less, and keep a watch on your words
Tusk- To take in the good things, and leave behind the bad ones
Trunk- To be adaptable.
What is your favorite food Ganesha is it laddoo, or kolukattai? How do you have such awesome powers?
How is your friend Mooshak?
Ganesh Chaturthi - A letter to Lord Ganesha
I am reminded of you every time I spot a mouse, I would really like to know how Mooshak is really energetic to carry you around.
I would like to celebrate this day, by thanking you for always being there for us.
Hey I forgot to tell that this year amma is designing me a Ganesha dress.. I am so excited! You know what I made a clay Ganesha and won 1st place at my school competition last year.
Looking forward for corona to be over soon Ganesha, so we can meet all friends and family and be fearless as before. Im sure you will protect us all.
Thank you for the blessings! Love you
Ganesh Chaturthi - A letter to Lord Ganesha


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34 Replies to “Ganesh Chaturthi – A Letter To Lord Ganesha | Bookosmia”

  • Suchithra

    Very Good Aryan,Really nice.God bless u dear.

  • Geethaa

    keep writing… My wishes to you Aaryan….

  • Sushma

    Very nice Aaryan… May Ganesha bless you always ??

  • Venkatraman

    Very nice Aryan, Hope everything in god grace…

  • Sindhu

    Very good Aaryan??

  • Veena

    Nice!!! Keep rocking Aaryan?

  • Manju

    Very good

  • Sudha Ds

    Really nice God bless you Aaryan

  • Supriya

    Loads of love and wishes Aryan.. keep writing.. you rock..

  • Vasavi Govindan

    Congratulations Aaryan l love you bujju

  • Kavinkumar

    Very good Aryan …..Keep Rocking…?

  • Lokesh H R

    In this age he has shown wonderful talent. I am touched by looking at it.

  • Valli

    Very good Aryan…. Keep Writing…. ??

  • Kalaivani Selvan

    Keep writing Aaryan my best wishes to you

  • Sudha D S

    Really nice God bless you Aaryan

  • Dr.Prathibha mohan

    Aryan it’s really great work …..keep going n fly with colours my boy ?

  • Ashavinayak

    Very nice aaryan God bless and keep writing

  • Monica shankar

    Very nice aryan??keep writing dear?loads of love n may god bless u always?

  • Aaryan Vittal

    thank you so much everyone for reading my story and commenting on it

  • Sandhya S

    Lovely article. Keep writing more! 🙂

  • Rajan

    Congrats ??Good work ???

  • Subha murugan

    Keep writing Dear,my best wishes to you ?????

  • Dr. Pallavi Amarnath

    My baby makes me proud everytime… Very nice story.. well done.. keep going.

  • Dr.Sowparnika

    A lil head can think and ink so much.. really amazing ?

  • Saradha

    Very nice aaryan ?…congratulations keep writing

  • V. Priyanka

    That’s nice Aaryan….Keep writing….God Ganesha will shower all his blessings to you?

  • Sweta

    Beautifully written Aryan . Looking for more stories like this , god bless yu always .

  • Sasirekha

    Keep it up Aaryan. God bless you dear

  • Sanjeev

    God bless you Aaryan , keep up your good work!

  • Aaryan Vittal

    Thank you everyone for reading my story and commenting on it… thank you for all encouraging words…

  • Shambhavi nandi

    Keep up the good work my boy u have done very well ??????

  • Samrudh Sampige

    Very nice Aaryan ?

  • Aaryan Vittal

    thank you everyone for your kind words

  • sushruthksoutlookcom

    Very nice

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