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Read with Sara stories for kids by Jeyan Hyderabad BookosmiaHurray! Halloween just passed by! 9 year old Y Jeyan had fun trick or treating. What about you?
He goes to Delhi Public school, Nacharam.
Halloween- What costume are you going to wear?

Pumpkins carved on every street,

Sticking out of the ground are toes and feet.


Children cosplaying as monsters,

Or scientists with futuristic blasters.


Children trick or treating,

The candies later, they will be eating.

Till midnight children will be lurking,

The naughty ones will be smirking.


To the next level, kids would prank,

About them they won’t be frank.


Halloween means “Holy Evening”,

Jack – o – lanterns shoo evil spirits, people are still believing.

October 31st is Halloween,

A child of any age, about it would be keen.


October 31st is also All Saints Eve,

We remember the saints who already did leave.


Dracula is everyone’s favourite monster,

But my favourite one is a gorilla lobster.


Halloween- What costume are you going to wear?




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