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“I create my own designs,” says 9 year old Aarush from Bangalore

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Hello everyone, your friend Sara here! Art is not just about drawing beautifully or colouring wonderfully within the lines. It is also about the ability to imagine or create a design from scratch.

Aarush MV Art with Sara Aarush Bangalore Bookosmia

Today I am very excited to share the artwork of one such brilliant artist who not only drew and coloured but also conceptualized a humorous idea himself- 9 year old Aarush from Bangalore. He is a student of BGS World School, Bangalore.



My big passion is playing cricket. I am an RCB fan and practice cricket with full gear everyday. But I also try my hands at art.

I love super-heroes and have been an Avengers fan.

I decided to create my own super-hero. Stand back Iron Man, Hulk, Spider Man, here is a a real life super-hero who is a detective.He helps people find lost  laptops , books and gadgets!


Art with Sara superhero Aarush Bangalore Bookosmia

I have designed his full get up myself, in keeping with his personality and role.

Thank you.

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