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“I dont lose, I either win or I learn,” by 13 year old Samarth A from Mysore

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Sara's Art activities for kids Bokoosmia

Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my colourful ‘Art with Sara’ section.

Here I publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’

Today’s wonderful artwork is shared by a young artist who talks beautifully and honestly of his journey with art. What a wonderful message to every child who thinks they are not naturally blessed with a talent.

Art by kids, for kids with Sara Samarth Mysore Bookosmia

Samarth A is a 13 year old from Mysore. He is a student in 8th grade at St. Joseph’s school(C.B.S.E), Jayalakshmipuram.

Samarth is delighted with his art classes at The Hobby Place, for nurturing his talent.


When I was in grade 1, I didn’t draw so well in my drawing books and notebooks nor in other subjects . I didn’t know how important drawing was and how it would affect my future studies.


I wouldn’t join drawing classes because I would love to play video games  instead of learning drawing. Even when my parents forced me to go, I was still stuck with my stubborn behaviour.


One fine day at school, it was drawing period and I got scolding from my  teacher, asking, “Why can’t you draw like your sister?’’

Everyone in my class laughed at me and that day gave me motivation to start  focusing on my art.

Art by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia

Art by kids, for kids with Sara Bookosmia

When I reached grade 4, the same teacher appreciated  me for my gradual change in art and drawing.

Art by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia
Whenever I would start, the drawing looked pale and lifeless but whenever I  used to fill colours in it and finish, it looked really beautiful.

Art by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia

I would be proud of myself, once I finished my artwork.

Art by kids, for kids with Sara Bookosmia

My favourite painting is palette knife painting.

Art by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia

Art with Sara by kids for kids Bookosmia


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