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“I have always enjoyed art,” says 9 year old Poorvika from Mysuru

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Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my colourful ‘Art with Sara’ section.

Here I publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’

Today’s wonderful artwork and thoughts around it, are shared by 9 year old Poorvika from Mysuru.

Art by kids with Sara Poorvika Mysore Bookosmia

Poorvika loves arts and science.  She is talented in dancing, painting, sketching, colouring and swimming. She also like sports.  Her favourite sport is Kabbadi. Poorvika is a student of Podar International School, Mysuru.

Poorvika’s interest in art led her to join the highly recommended virtual art training sessions by The Hobby Place.
During the pandemic I was bored of just sitting around. So I thought of the idea of illustrating corona virus.  That is how I came up with ‘How people get Corona’.
I like to draw with colour pencils also.  One among them is a picture of my family going to the beach.
Family at the beach painting Art with Sara Bookosmia
Another drawing with colour pencils and sketch is ‘My Science Lab’.  This is about my future science lab.  I have always dreamt about becoming a scientist.  So I tried to draw my science lab.
Art for kids with Sara science lab Bookosmia
My favourite artwork is ‘Butterfly Mandala.’ This is my first attempt with mandala.  I always wanted to try mandala art as my mother does  beautiful mandala arts.  My father gave an idea of doing mandala on a butterfly. With my father’s and mother’s support I did the mandala.  I like it a lot because of its wonderful designs.
Butterfly Mandala Art by kids with Sara Bookosmia
I have always enjoyed art.  I chose the subject because it was the most interesting idea for me.  First I was feeling that it would not come well.  While working on it I thought I could have thought up more ideas.  After finishing it I felt it turned out to be good.
Here are some other artworks by me.  Here are a few words about them. I used water colour to create the picture of my brother, my cousin and me standing below the moonlight.  We are gazing at the stars, comets and the moon.
Night sky art by kids with Sara Bookosmia
Another water colour painting is about ‘Saving the earth’.  It is happy on the left side because people are not polluting the earth.  It is sad on the right side because we are polluting earth.
Earth drawing by kids with Sara Bookosmia
 I like working with poster colours also.  One among them is about flowers.  This is special because I painted it with my fingers.
Finger painting by kids Art with Sara Bookosmia


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14 Replies to ““I have always enjoyed art,” says 9 year old Poorvika from Mysuru”

  • Aiswarya

    Poorvika…..Keep it up dear…loves you.all the very best

  • A. Pavithra

    Wow!! It looks fabulous Poorvika?…more and more heights to go dear??…very very proud of u and to see ur achievements in this age??

  • Natarajan


  • Renuka

    So happy to see the artworks getting published

  • Gopuraj

    Fine super drawings and ur ideas continue to do the same

  • Sivasundar

    Stay focused and don’t get carried away… Keep up the good works…

  • Sivasundar

    Stay focused and dont get carried away… Keep up the good works…

  • sathish kumar

    Very nice ?? well done Poorvika..keep enjoying the art.?

  • sathish kumar

    Super Poorvika…well done..keep enjoying the art..????

  • Sundar

    Super poorvika???

  • Ganesh

    After see this post only came to know that mandalla..good.keep going


    Awesome Poorvika ???

  • Prasanna Durairaj

    Good imagination.keep it up.

  • S.jayesh

    Good dont have words to express dear…keep it up from chennai

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