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IPL starting. Chips and Pepsi, please?

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10 year old sports loving storyteller Sara from BookosmiaHey everyone! It’s me, Sara, your new best friend who loves sports and stories.

We have an RCB fan in the house! 8 year old Mahit Verma from Kolkata shares his excitement with the IPL kicking off. Its infectious! Read on.

#SaraReads #GratitudeduringCovid Young author Mahit Verma

Mahit is a student of La Martiniere for Boys Kolkata.

He is a happy go lucky child. An avid reader who enjoys to write and act. He enjoys dancing and playing the guitar. He is true avenger fan who loves travelling, Taewkondo and playing football.

#IPL2020 #IPLforkids #IPLwithSara


We belong to a land where CRICKET is synonymous to religion. Cricket is one language binding India.

And IPL being one of the most loved form.

In this pandemic, I was upset that it wont be hosted but much to my surprise it  began on 19th September. I experienced what they mean by happy tears!


Starting Saturday, here are some of the words which you’ll hear in my

“It’s a Six!”

“It’s a Four!”

“Oh No!”

“Don’t move from your place.”

“Chips and Pepsi, please?”


What is intriguing is how the team changes each season! New players come in, yet my loyalties lie with RCB- the team that I had met. My friends and I have  been maintaining the score sheet of our respective teams but this time as  RCB says, “The cup is ours!!”

Enthusiasm, cheerleading, music is at its best.. and I get to watch TV uninterrupted. Virat Kohli and AB De Villers are a treat to watch especially  their cover drive and sweeps.

The difference this time is they will be playing without a live audience in the stadium. But don’t worry! RCB our cheers from our homes will reach you for  sure.


With you always ! Lets get the CUP home!



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