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Essay by Diyah AgarwallaDid you do anything special for Janmashtami? 7 year old Diyah Agarwalla, a Bookosmian from Kolkata baked a cake for Krishna!
She goes to Modern High School.
Janmashtami- A cake for Krishna

We celebrate Janmashtami on Lord Krishna’s birthday. Lord Krishna was raised by Yashoda Ma and Nand Baba in Vrindavan. His favourite animal is a cow. His brother is Balaram. His best friend is Radha.

Lord Krishna’s favourite food is Makhan-Mishri. On the day of Janmashtami, we wear traditional clothes and listen to Krishna Bhajans. My entire family observes a fast on this day.

We stay up till midnight and do aarti when its 12’ o clock. I help my mother decorate Lord Krishna’s jhula with flowers. My mother bakes a cake for him too.

We love to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday.

Janmashtami- A cake for Krishna


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