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‘Lewis Hamilton-My favorite sport player’ by 11 year old Avyukt.S from Chennai

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10 year old sports loving storyteller Sara from BookosmiaHey friends, your favourite drama-athlete, Sara here!  I love sports and I love drama. It seems only fair that my friends call me a ‘drama-athlete.’  And that’s why I couldn’t be more  excited to see your entries pouring in to my ‘Sports with Sara’ section. Keep them coming-your favourite sports people, sports memories, upcoming match predictions and so much more.

Today’s well researched write up on Lewis Hamilton, an F1 driver has been sent by 11 year old Avyukt.S from Chennai. Listed in the 2020 issue of Time as one of the 100 most influential people globally, Lewis Hamilton is a role model for many.

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Avyukt lives in Chitlapakkam, Chennai. His ambition is to become a cricket player. He loves to watch cricket and F1 championship. He also enjoys reading books.
Avyukt is a student of  NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School, Chennai.

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton ( born 7 January 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, 30 miles north of London) is a British racing driver currently competing in F1 for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team. He is six times F1 World Champion.


He is widely regarded as the all time greatest driver by many.  His first victory was at the World Drivers Championship with McLaren in 2008, before he moved to Mercedes in 2013, with whom he has won a further five  titles.

Lewis Hamilton F1 Racing sports with Sara by Bookosmia

One of the most successful drivers in the history of the sport, Hamilton’s six World Championship titles is the second most of all time, while he holds the record for the most wins ( 91; tied with Michael Schumacher ) , career points (3661),  pole positions (96), podium finishes (160), grand slams in a season (3) and Championship points in a season (413).


This later resulted in an F1 drive with McLaren in 2007, making Hamilton the first and only black driver to race in the sport, as of 2020. That season,  Hamilton set  numerous records as he finished runner up to Kimi Raikkonen by one point. The following season, he won his maiden title in a dramatic fashion,  making a crucial overtake on the last corner of the last lap in the last race of the season to become the then youngest F1 World Champion in history!


Born to Carmen and Anthony, at the age of five Hamilton took up karate to defend himself as a result of bullying at school. Considered to be first and only black driver to race in Formula One, Hamilton has been subject to racist abuse throughout his career.


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