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Hey everyone, your pal  Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with Sara’ section for kids.

Here I publish the works of young artists who share their beautiful work and their passion for artwork in form of a write-up!


Art by S VigneshHave you tried the Madhubani style of painting? 13 year old S Vignesh, a Bookosmian from Chennai, is fascinated with it and sends us his beautiful work depicting a collection of vegetables along with these thoughts on this art form. Send us your art work!
He goes to NSN Memorial School.
Madhubani art - Painting vegetables grown in India

Art in the form of paintings and sculpture is a form of expression of human emotions and social realities.

The Madhubani painting is famous for its use of natural elements. Traditionally, this painting was crafted using natural colours. All colours were extracted from plant leaves, flowers, fruits and other parts of plants.

Here I have tried to paint vegetables native to India.

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