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IPL Match Washed Out ! Poem

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10 year old sports loving storyteller Sara from BookosmiaHey everyone! It’s me, Sara, your new best friend who loves sports and stories.

Ever thought you could find poetry in a match getting washed out? Here is 7 year old cricket fan Vedant Garg from Noida, doing just that, when rain plays spoil sport!#IPL2020 #IPLforkids #IPLwithSara

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Vedant is a passionate boy, loves to read, loves sports and loves to relax.




The IPL game was going on,
On a pitch.

When the lights got fused and
everyone thought it was a glitch.


The match continued without light
After sometime, some players got into a fight.


Ten minutes later the pitch was flooded with rain

It was the most awful IPL game!

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