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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here.

Read with Sara stories for kids, by kids Aaryan Vittal Bangalore BookosmiaLast week some of our friends celebrated ‘Vishu’. 7 year old Aaryan Vittal , a Bookosmian from Bangalore had a wonderful time celebrating the festival at his Aachi’s home and writes all about the love and pampering he received!
Aaryan is a student of Ekya School, JP Nagar, Bangalore.

This year Vishu was celebrated on April 14th . We reached Aachi’s home on 13th morning itself. I pranked her saying we will not be coming this year due to covid rules everywhere and she sounded upset and said she would prepare a lot of yummy food for Vishu and send it to us. So I told Amma not to inform Aachi and Thatha (grandmother and grandfather) that we are joining the festival.

So we got ready for 13th morning packed some flowers and fruits and started. Aachi kept calling Amma to ask my favourite foods to be sent and prepared but we had planned not to answer the call and surprise them in person when we reached Aachi’s home.

My memorable Vishu celebration


We could smell the aroma of yummy food across the street I jumped out of the car and slowly entered home and rang the doorbell hiding behind the gate. Thatha was reading the newspaper. He came and asked, “Who is it?” then I screamed and jumped and hugged him he almost had happy tears.

“How did you come, sir?” he said. He calls me sir when he is happy. I ran inside to see Aachi running towards me with all smiles “Acho thangame vanthdutiya raja?” (My dear you came!). She calls me Raja.

She told me the festival would be boring without us, though she had already prepared my favourite bakshanam. I asked Aachi I can smell my favourite food, stomach is grumbling. She was so happy and ran inside and came with yummiest dosa with all ghee and we spoke and ate happily together.


My memorable Vishu celebration


Aachi and Thatha celebrate all festivals elaborately and narrate stories every time. I saw Aachi prepare obbattu my favourite, Thatha, Amma and I also helped in preparing it.

We all had a good lunch and afternoon nap. When I woke up the entire home smelled of sambrani. Aachi was doing pooja, Thatha told me its Moondram pirai- third day after new moon day and if we see moon and pray, all our wishes will come true.

I was so excited to hear it, and we all went to the terrace to see the moon, it was so much fun. It was like a race to see the moon first. We saw the moon and Aachi had a plate full of coins, fruits, flowers and a Ganesha photo to be seen after seeing the moon.

My memorable Vishu celebration


Next, Aachi was preparing for Vishu kani arranging mirror, jewels, fruits, coins, diya, seeing ourselves in the mirror the very first thing on the new year to remind us we are the most special part of it.

We all woke up and ran to see vishu kani as soon as we woke up before seeing anything else, followed by a bath, Pooja and kaineettam- my most favourite part of all festivals – where elders give blessings and money to younger ones in the family.

My memorable Vishu celebration

I have safely kept all my money in a blue purse. I hugged Aachi, Thatha and happily played and took pictures with all and by evening we started back home.
As always, Aachi and Thatha packed so many things for me with love. I always love festivals and most importantly to celebrate with my Aachi and Thatha. My Vishu wish is to see everyone smiling and happy.
My memorable Vishu celebration


About the author-

Aaryan Vittal, 8, Bangalore


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49 Replies to “My Memorable Vishu Celebration | Bookosmia”

  • Dr. Pallavi Amarnath

    Wonderful narration my sweetheart.. god bless you. Keep going.

  • Kanya palanikumar

    Awesome writing baby ? hugs and love to you from paerima

  • Archana

    So nice to read thanks for sharing Aryan!

  • Madhurima

    Beautifully written Aryan.. Keep it up.. May you have a bright future

  • Prathibha

    Great Aryan baby …stay blessed ..keep rocking always ..???

  • Narayan Murthy

    Well done ?
    Keep it up
    God bless you

  • Srikala hebbar

    Suprrr writing arayan lot more to go good luck baby

  • Dr.Sowparnika

    Such a wonderful and flawless narration ?? Good job champion ?

  • Subha Murugan

    Amazing read! Keep it up

  • Sangeetha

    Wonderful Aryan.. Your narrative me through all the instances. I could really cherish all the emotions you coined…God bless..

  • Veena naresh

    Neat narration … His usage of slang is superb!!!
    Veena Naresh

  • Hema Vishwanath

    I could feel the entire picture of celebration…. we too virtually enjoyed the festival through your eyes … God bless Aaryan … look forward to see many more stories from you

  • Veena Naresh

    Neat narration… Aryan’s usage of slang is superb

  • Valli

    Superb Aryan….Very nicely written….Love reading it….. Keep writing Aryan. May God bless you

  • Geethaa Govindan

    Keep writing and keep shining baby!! Miles to go… it’s just the beginning in the journey of reading and writing… once you learn to give wings to your imagination through writing, it’s a different word altogether… Amma loves you Aaryan ??

  • M.Govindan

    God bless you Aaryan .. keep writing more

  • M.Govindan

    God bless you Aaryan …. Keep writing more…

  • Vasavi Govindan

    God bless you thangame…I love you raja.. nee thaan best… Aachi loves your writing always….

  • Monica Shankar

    Such a wonderful writing dear aaryan ??keep going baby …stay blessed ?

  • Pooja Agrawal

    Loved it… Very well narrated.. Every festival has its own charm and clebrating it with family make it complete.
    Looking forward to reading many more stories written by you… ?

  • Komel

    Superb narration ???? Great gng Aaryan

  • Krishna Murthy

    Awesome. Very well narrated. Aaryan. Kudos

  • Simman

    Super aaryu bro

  • Aparna

    Lovely narration Aryan! keep up the great work!

  • Navya N

    Wonderful Aaryan….Love to read your stories keep rocking…

  • Nandita

    Loved reading it aryan.. lots of love to all of u.. looking forward for your next article ??

  • Sindhu jagadish

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  • Sweta Rao

    Lovely narration dear?… God bless you ?… Keep writing… All the best ?

  • Dr Manisha Ramesh

    Hey Aryan…very well expressed yur 2 days of festive experience at yur Aachi’s home!
    Good start! Good attempt!!
    Hurray!! ???

  • Saradha

    Suprrr writing arayan ??
    I am very happily read your narration??
    Keep writing…God bless you ??

  • Supriya

    Good job lil champ.. keep writing more n more.. God bless you..

  • Kanitha

    Awesome writing aaryan.. Keep going…?

  • Ashok Kumar

    Excellent narration by the kid,he vividly and precisely mentioned the festival.good luck.


    Simply Superb Aryan.? *” HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS*”?
    You have done remarkably well at such a young age. My best wishes are always with you.
    Congratulations for always evolving and inspiring other friends.

    You’ve made us all so proud. I am very happy for you.

    Congratulations on adding another feather in your cap.keep it up.???????

  • Nitya Anvita Reddy

    Wow Aaryan awesome narration ?….. All the best?

  • Ashok Kumar

    Excellent narration about the festival by the little boy, good luck and keep writing.

  • Niveditha

    Beautifully written Aryan.. bought back my memories with grandparents! Narration is spot on.

  • Lavaneha

    Excellent Aryan….all the best ????

  • Rekha Rajan

    Very nice Aryan.. keep it up????????

  • Kavya.S.L

    Very nice narration dear kid…Well done…Will be waiting for your next story…

  • Chandra

    Very nice narration..??
    keep it up Aryan ..

  • Sahana

    “I’M IN AWE OF YOUR TALENT” . Excellent narration. Keep writing little Aryan.

  • Ranju Mahesh

    Very good ?????

  • Aaryan Vittal

    Thank you

  • Veena

    Superb write up taught us..refreshed our new year festivity..happy you know our festival significance in detail..that looking in the mirror..and remind that WE are important we should be humble..
    It was as if you were infront of me and narrating the events..
    Most of all enjoy and love your grandparents..the pure love is exceptional,unparalleled.
    Keep writing..and fly higher..
    A very happy vishu young man!

  • Vimarshini K R

    Very natural style of writing and also informative .. Keep up the good work Aaryan 🙂 Kudos

  • Aaryan Vittal

    Thank you everyone for all the love and appreciation ??

  • Vasavi Govindan

    All the best bujju I love you

  • Dr. Ramanujam LR

    Good sign of growing with versatile talent ,, lovely ,, keep going keep growing Aryan ?

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