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“Poojo for me is an end to the year long wait” says 14 year old Oishani Goswami (Olie) from UK

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. With Durga  Pooja in the air, I am excited to publish one write up by kids on the theme every day.


Today I am sharing the writing of 14 year old Oishani Goswami (Olie) from UK who has kept her Bengali roots alive. Grateful to the Little Writers Studio, UK for not only sharing the write up but also the beautiful Bengali Potochitro art by the talented artist Parul, who lives in Pingla with her family.

Oishani durga pooja essay from UK festivals with Sara by Bookosmia

Oishani has just turned 14 and is in the throes of navigating teenage years with a myriad circles to square. She likes to read, write occasionally and has a passion  for dance and music. Alongside figuring out the vagaries and paradoxes of life, she is determined to bridge both  the worlds she belongs to a bona-fide Biliti-Bangali/ Brit-Bong in spirit. She studies in year 9 at Sawston Village College, near Cambridge, UK.


Poojo for me is an end to the year long wait for unlimited fun and merriment, music, dance ,offering prayer and new dress !

Potachitra BEngali Art for Durga Pooja festivals with Sara by Bookosmia


Durga Pooja stories for kids by Oishi UK Festivals with Sara Bookosmia


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Hey, your friend Sara here again! Enjoyed reading?

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