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‘Feels like Christmas’ by 7 year old Miraaya from Mumbai- Tangram Stories#26

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Hello little ones, Sara here. We all need a little pepping up in these times, and nothing better than that happy feeling of Christmas.  Lets say thanks to 7 year old Miraaya Bhende of Little Readers Nook, Mumbai for this endearing Tangram story.


Once upon a time, on Christmas eve, Tanaya was busy making something special. Her mother called her, “Tanaya, oh you are not ready yet, get ready. We have to go to Church!”


“Yes Mumma, see what I have made!” said Tanaya. “Wow such a lovely pair of candles, they are pretty,” observed Mumma.

Tanaya got ready and left for church with her parents. On her way, she saw a  hut and it had no light. One child was trying to read a book to his younger  sister.

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Tanaya kept walking to the church with her parents. As soon as they reached church, Tanaya lit one of the candle. She kept another candle with herself. Her mother was very curious seeing this.

After the prayers they all started walking back to their house . While walking back on the same street, Tanaya stopped at the hut and gave her candle to the kid. The kid was very happy. He lit the candle and started reading a story to his younger sister.

Tanaya’s parents was very happy and proud of her on seeing this and they all  happily went home. It was a ‘Merry Christmas’ indeed.


Miraaya Bhende,7, Mumbai

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  • Sunila Brahmane

    Congratulations Miraaya God bless you dear. Well written & touching story ??

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