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‘Saying bye to Diwali, with these most special wishes’- by 9 year olds Abhijan Chakraborty and Ujan Chakraborty from Birmingham, UK

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Festivals with Sara Diwali for kids Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Deepavali came and lit up our lives, just when we needed it most.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends, for sharing their joy and excitement with me.

I cant think of anything more special than these wonderful handwritten messages from 9 year old twin brothers Abhijan and Ujan Chakraborty from Birmingham, UK. Both Abhijan and Ujan were diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and Severe Learning Disability at the age of two.

Special call out to their mom for raising these two fine young boys. May their light shine brighter than most!

Many thanks to Little Writer’s Studio for sharing their messages with us, along with the beautiful Madhubani artwork of their artist Swapna.








Hey, your friend Sara here again! If you are parent of a neuroatypical child, please feel free to send any of your child’s creative work to, from the messiest artwork to the shortest poetry, I am all ears!

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