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Something About Me by Aditi Sowmyanarayan | Not That Different | Autism Awareness

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Sara and Madhav Not that differentHey, Sara here with my new friend, Madhav.

Madhav is on the autism spectrum. He does certain things differently that get me thinking, but I realize that we are ‘not that different’ after all!



Art by Aditi15 year old Aditi Sowmyanarayan, a Bookosmian from Bangalore opens up about the way she sees the world. Three cheers for our beautifully diverse world! #NotThatDifferent
She goes to Ishanya India foundation – Center for Individuals with special needs.
This is me … looking at the world around me with wonder just like the girl looking at the moon.
Something about me
Sometimes I get it all, at other times I am confused, but for the most part, I am in between, hoping to find the horizon where our worlds meet.

Do you want to read an awesome comic strip about my friend Madhav and me? He has autism and I am learning so much about the way he sees the world as he enjoys learning about mine. Check it out here :


About the author-

Aditi Sowmyanarayan

6 Replies to “Something About Me by Aditi Sowmyanarayan | Not That Different | Autism Awareness”

  • Sujata

    What a wonderful artwork and those words. Just brilliant

  • Shwetha Srivathsan

    Thank you!!??

  • viji rajmohan

    Loved this Aditi, so happy to know that you look at the world around you with wonder and I sincerely hope it gives you some beautiful surprises along the way. Wonderful artwork

  • Anand Sridharan

    Love ir!!

  • Shwetha Srivathsan

    Thank you??

  • Smithaa

    Beautiful aditi..

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