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I can’t wait to pack my bags and head out once the pandemic exits from our lives. Until then let’s read through these wonderful travel memories from kids. Let’s keep our wish lists ready!


Sara's activities for kids Saaketh from Bangalore limericks Bookosmia13 year old Saaketh KS, a Bookosmian from Bangalore is living it up at his grandpa’s lush farm in Kerala. What’s your most favourite place in the world? Tell us!

Saaketh is a student of Talespin.




Summer vacation at grandpa’s farm


It’s a beautiful sunny day at grandpa’s farm. The grass is shiny from the rain last night, the trees are beautiful and have dew drops on their leaves.

My brothers and  I are because it is our summer holidays. My brothers are out playing dodgeball. Oh! I  forgot to introduce myself. I am Saaketh.K.S , a 13 year-old.


The farm has so many things to do – green grass to play in, a river to swim in, fruits to pluck and eat, trees to climb and a farmhouse. The farm has many animals like horses, cows, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, and clutch of hens and roosters.

Summer vacation at grandpa’s farm



My best friend among the animals is a horse named Bob. She is a one of a kind thorough-bred horse that saved three people from a fire. At the farmhouse, we get to eat lavish lunches made by my grandpa. We play cards also. Most days end with a pleasant walk down the river followed by a good night’s sleep.

Summer vacation at grandpa’s farm


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Activities with Sara Places to visit Bookosmia

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