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‘The Blue Umbrella’ Book Review by 13 year old Zenia Parpia from Chennai

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Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids BookosmiaHey there book lovers, your friend Sara here! Thanks everyone for keeping this section buzzing, with ‘book reviews for young readers, by young readers!’

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Today’s review is of a book, by the much celebrated Ruskin Bond.

Book reviews with Sara Zenia Parpia The Blue Umbrella Bookosmia

13 year old Zenia Parpia from Chennai has been following Ruskin Bond since  the day she started reading. She feels his stories contain magical  words that can also help her improve her oratory skills. Zenia is a student of NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School, Chennai.


The Blue Umbrella Book Review by kids Ruskin Bond Book Reviews with Sara Bookosmia

Title: The Blue Umbrella

Written by : Ruskin Bond

Illustrated by : Trevor Stubley


After seeing the cover page of “The Blue Umbrella,” I thought maybe it could be about rainy season.

But the creativity of Ruskin Bond surprised me .

I havent read such a creative, sweet story ever .

This story is about four peoples Binya , Bijju , Ram Bharosa , Ram Chandran.

The lead character in this story is Binya who had fair skin, pink cheeks, brown hair,  glass bangles on her hand, a necklace and loved nature . She is also  sensitive towards people .


Its about how Binya got the beautiful blue umbrella, how she protected the umbrella from wind , dust , rain, from villagers and especially from Ram Bharosa.

Binya protected the umbrella . In the process of protecting the umbrella, she  realized that unwantedly she heard the feelings of Ram Bharosa. Since he tried to steal, Binya took the help of Ram Chandran, who was working in Bharosa’s shop. Because of this all people stopped buying from his shop .


Seeing this Binya felt guilty and gave the blue umbrella to Bharosa. Meanwhile, Bharosa also realized his mistake. He called Binya and gave her a necklace  with a pear paw pendant which was considered lucky.


I loved the writing style, especially the usage of personification. It was interesting to read of non living  things having the character of living things.


My favourite part is when Binya gives the most important thing in her life to  Ram Bharosa. I learnt that human relations are more important than things.


This book is so interesting that I would give 5 out of 5* ratings

I would recommend this book for age 12 +

On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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3 Replies to “‘The Blue Umbrella’ Book Review by 13 year old Zenia Parpia from Chennai”

  • Sonal

    Very nice Zeniya keep it up?

  • Padmapriya

    Excellent Review Zenia. God bless you

  • Mallika

    Beautifully expressed u make me want to read the book. God bless u. U have a flair for writing.

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