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Vibrant Digital Art by 10 year old Shagnik Sett | Not That Different | Autism Awareness

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Sara and Madhav Not that differentHey, Sara here with my new friend, Madhav.

Madhav is on the autism spectrum. He does certain things differently that get me thinking, but I realize that we are ‘not that different’ after all!

Today, I am delighted to share the vibrant digital artwork by Shagnik who is on the autism spectrum.

Shagnik digital art

10 year old Shagnik Sett is from Bangalore. He
is a student of Perseverance School, Sahakara Nagar Branch, Bangalore.

Congrats to Shagnik and his mom Sujata for his wonderful art work and we may he go far with his love of coding.


Shagnik’s mom, Sujata describes him as adorable, caring and cheerful and a music lover

Digital Art by kids autism awareness

Shagnik is a self learned digital painter who uses MS-paint, Tux Paint and Paint 3D to create art

Digital Art Bridge by kids Autism Awareness

Shagnik does only train paintings as he is fascinated by them and has tremendous knowledge of trains too.

Digital art by kids Autism Awareness

Shagnik loves everything related to numbers. He is a budding coder  and is about to complete creative coding course of 10 levels


Digital art by kids Autism Awareness



Stay tuned in for the ‘Not That Different’ with Sara and Madhav, a children led movement towards a world more accepting of neurodiversity.

Want to get published on this global writing platform and become a Bookosmian? If you are the parent of a neurodiverse kid, simply write to us with their name, age, city and images of their creative output.

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