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Nature with Sara stories for kids by Shreeda Germany BookosmiaAny robot fans here? You will love this review by 9 year old Shreeda Thakkar, a Bookosmian from Hannover, Germany of the book ‘Weird little robots’. Do read the review to know more about it!

Shreeda is a student of International School of Hannover region, Germany.




Weird little Robots
Book: Weird little Robots
Written by: Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by: Corinna Luyken

When I saw the front cover of this book I said, “I like robots, why don’t I try it”? This book is my birthday gift.

11 year old Penny Rose is the new girl in town. With her scientific knowledge, she makes five robots. After long, she gets a friend called Lark. One day, Penny Rose sees that her robots have come alive. Together, Lark and she make Robot Town( it looks amazing)!

Weird little Robots


A few days later, Penny Rose gets a letter. It says she has to pass some tests and it also says not to tell anyone about it. Penny Rose passes all the tests and one day Lily (her classmate) comes and says she is a member of the secret science club!

Due to an unfortunate incident, she is forced to choose between her best friend and the secret club. What does she choose and what happens to the robots? You have to read to find out but it is all pretty interesting.

Lark and Penny Rose are the main characters. They’re interesting because they make weird stuff, wear weird stuff and both help each other with kindness.

My favorite part of the lovely story is when Lark comes to Penny Rose’s shed every day and they both made Robo Town. And when the robots come alive.

This book teaches me to be helpful. The illustrations are amazing.

This book is recommended for 9+ years.

I give this book 5 stars.

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