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‘When Durga comes alive..’ Poem by 9 year old Sruthika Murali from Kerala

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here…Holi, Onam, Eid, Durga Pooja, Christmas…the festivals are endless and pep us up, even in the dullest of times.

Such a special entry today- While Durga Pooja is celebrated with great gusto mostly in West Bengal,  9 year old Sruthika Murali from Kerala shares this creative poem on what would happen if Durga were to come alive.

Festivals with Sara Durga Pooja by Sruthika Murali from Kerala Bookosmia

Sruthika is an ardent reader and quite imaginative. She jots down few lines once in a while in her diary. She likes to observe things around us.
Shruthika goes to BMCMI Palakkad School and is a student of much loved, The Hobby Place.
When Durga comes alive,
She will kill the evil ones and give us peace.
When Durga comes alive,
The trees will shiver and the floor will shake.

When Durga comes alive,
She will be strong and very big,

But really she is calm and quiet.
When Durga comes alive,
We should join our hands and pray.


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