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10 year old sports loving storyteller Sara from BookosmiaHey friends, your favourite drama-athlete, Sara here!  I love sports and I love drama. It seems only fair that my friends call me a ‘drama-athlete.’  And that’s why I couldn’t be more  excited to see your entries pouring in to my ‘Sports with Sara’ section. Keep them coming-your favourite sports people, sports memories, upcoming match predictions and so much more.

Here is 9 year old Aryash Ladsaria from Kolkata, sharing an exciting write up about the day he woke up as a cricketer.

Read with Sara sports story by Aryash Kolkata Bookosmia

Aryash is a sports enthusiast , full of energy and has good logical analysis. He enjoys music and being with people. Aryash goes to Don Bosco, Park Circus and is a student of Word Munchers.



One day I woke up and found I was a cricketer! I saw the jerseys in my cupboard and realized that I was playing for both India and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). My jersey number was 7 and I was the captain of both the teams.


I played a game and discovered that I was good at both batting and bowling. My coach was very proud of me and told me I should work hard on both. Infact, in some matches I did wicket keeping too. The IPL (Indian Premier League) came and thanks to my practice, I was the best in batting and got the Orange Cap, given to the player with the highest runs in the tournament. 


My team’s Vice captain was Mayank Agarwal and we both used to practice together. It was the ICC Cricket World Cup and we had made it to the final. We batted first and Mayank and I put on a double hundred partnership. We won the ICC cricket World Cup! I was the man of the tournament and Mayank was the super striker of the tournament. I was so happy to be in a loving and friendly team.


Then it was time to retire and I thought my teams will lose all matches without me but the young players still made India and KKR win many matches.



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