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Read with Sara poem by Suhani KhemkaToday is World Tourism day! What a beautiful education our travels give us! 13 year old Suhani Khemka, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes about her incredible trip to Bali.

Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing her creativity. She goes to Our Lady Queen of the Missions School Salt Lake, Kolkata.




World Tourism Day - Beautiful Bali


There I was sitting in a speedboat about to go up in the sky to parasail, a feeling of excitement and fear ran down my nerves. I couldn’t believe it!

It all started when we landed at Bali airport, after a short but tiring flight from Singapore. We took a cab to our villa. Enjoying my winter vacations in a sunny place with parents and brother was a boon.

While going to our villa I felt as if I was going through a trapdoor on the street wall and entering a different world.  After crossing the street on one side of the road, brown bamboo cottages between rice fields stood before my eyes leaving me bewitched.


World Tourism Day - Beautiful Bali


The clothing there was diverse in color and people wearing them were like peacocks on a rainy day. The traditional food preparation and presentation used various natural flowers, spices, grains packing them with flavor. What left me speechless was the beautiful art done by the people there.

World Tourism Day - Beautiful Bali

Paintings or wooden carvings, statues, or portraits of spiritual beings, all captivated me with their perfection.  The local people’s charming and pleasant nature was also very heart-warming and friendly that made my trip even better and full of delight. Colors danced around, happiness filled everyone’s hearts, merriment showed up in sparkling eyes, nature sang its song and beauty covered the place. In almost every aspect the Balinese culture showed gracefulness and medley.

World Tourism Day - Beautiful Bali

The trip taught me the importance and beauty of diversity. Tourism being the main source of livelihood, the locals show hospitality to tourists beyond measures. I had a great time learning about a new culture and look forward to go on more trips like this.

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Activities with Sara Places to visit Bookosmia

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