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A 15 year old writes to her 12 year old self! Essay

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Vedika Agarwal

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! We have heard of memoirs, autobiography and letter to myself 10 years younger. Here is 15 year old Vedika Agarwal from Kolkata writing in to her 12 year self. Why not? We learn something everyday, right? Keeping it rolling kids!

A 15 year old writes to her 12 year old self! Essay

Dear 12 year old Vedika,

Hey! Okay, I know, I know, how life feels like a rollercoaster right now and you are awfully confused about it!


But, you know what? It’s okay not to be okay all the time.


No! It’s not another counseling session this time from the whole world. It’s  from your future self who knows exactly how you feel!

Your dilemmas, your mood swings, EVERYTHING!

You are going to be a teenager soon and almost everything is going to change.

Don’t let this take a toll on you. Those silly mood swings, arguments.


In fact, you are going to get your periods started too! C’mon don’t be shy. The  world has made it such a taboo. All you need is a little time. You trying to fit in different groups, it is not cool ok?!


You don’t have to change yourself, girl. You are great the way you are.


I am going to conclude this by saying, believe in yourself and your parents.

Life is going to be full of a lot of drama so why not enjoy it with some popcorn.

Lol. And yes, of course, love yourself!

-15 year old Vedika.

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