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#SaraReads: Story- An imaginary day in the life of a dictator

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Utsang Sinha

Sara here, everyone. Weekend round the corner means its time for some fun! Have you imagined what life would be like as someone else? 13 year old Utsang from Mumbai got me grinning as he imagines what a day in the life of a dictator would be like! Tell me who would be your choice.

#SaraReads: Story- An imaginary day in the life of a dictator

Good morning, nuclear man here, the strongest president of Asia. No one dares to break rules in North Korla, no one is even allowed to say my name here. This is why I am always protected from my enemies. 


It’s a beautiful day outside so I think today I am going to release two new missiles to scare terrorists who are trying to assassinate me. Well they won’t stand a chance against my experienced black belt martial art bodyguards.


It’s already 9 am and I need to go for my next conference. On the way I will try to make my guards happy as they always run around my million dollar diamond studded car with heavy guns in their pockets.


After my conference I will order my spies to keep a legit eye on America. In the afternoon I have to go for my meet on the tv show I signed 2 years ago. In the evening I’ll have my lunch as per my wants. Maybe some steak with rice?


Phew…it’s all done. The day was amazingly awesome. Now I think I will watch some Netflix. I need to finish Naruto and One Punch Man. I think I will have some cheese popcorn and Coke to go with it. 


I am done with the day and going to sleep on my bed made of gold and titanium. Huh, I hate this room that is radiation proof and blast proof. The good part is I do not smell any disgusting farts. 

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