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A fun-filled day- Essay

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Satva Shah

Hey there, your friend Sara here! Sometimes listening to someone else have fun, is enough to put a smile on our faces. Here is 6 year old Satva Shah from Vadodara making one such special memory come alive.


Satva is a student of Billabong High International School, Vadodara.

A fun-filled day- Essay

It was Sunday. It was raining an entire day. My brother, father and I went for  cycling in the evening. It was very cold water. We splashed in the puddles.

When we came back we bathed in our home swimming pool with hot water.  We were splashing water on each other and playing with water. We were very happy.

Then we played story of a cap seller and monkeys in the pool. My brother and I became monkeys and our father became cap seller. We filled pool the with  balls. All balls were our caps. We were laughing very much playing the role of monkeys.


Then we said, ”Papa please, let’s play story of lion and mouse.” But it was  getting very cold and our father told us to get out from pool. We were still  laughing. I will never forget that day!!



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