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A healthy body, a healthy mind- Read Essay with Sara #SaraReads

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 Aayush Bhattacharjee

Hey everyone. Sara here, your best friend! Today on Aug 12 is  International Day of the Youth to celebrate and mainstream young people’s voices. I love to do that every single day by publishing meaningful writings of young minds. Here is one such, from 8 year old Aayush Bhattacharjee of Orchids International School, Bangalore – an essay to persuade us to work towards a healthy body  and a healthy mind.

A healthy body, a healthy mind- Read Essay with Sara #SaraReads

Exercise keeps us fit and healthy. Before starting we should do warm-up exercises as it removes the stiffness of our body.

If we exercise daily, then our mind and body will be healthy and cool. Exercise can be in the form of Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation etc. Different Asanas have different benefits and we should focus on the one which helps us the most. The benefit of Vrikshasana is that it boosts our memory. The benefit of Ardha Chakrasana is that it improves lungs capacity. The benefit of Tadasana is that it keeps our spinal cord straight. The more we exercise the more we sweat. It increases the blood circulation in  our body which gives us energy.


The benefits of meditation is that it increases  our concentration and thinking  skills. It calms our body and mind.


Drinking water is also essential for our health. It helps in all the bodily  functions. If we do not drink adequate water then our body will be dehydrated. We should drink atleast 6-8 glasses of water in a day. Drinking warm water removes all toxins from our body and that is why we are told to drink warm water every morning after waking up.

For a healthy body we require balanced diet as well. It contains all the nutrients in required amount. A diet that contains all the nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and roughage in the right amount is called a balanced diet. It is important to incorporate all nutrients and water in  our daily diet for proper growth.

Hence, exercise, balanced diet, roughage and water is needed for a healthy body. And in a healthy body stays a healthy mind.

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  • Debosmita

    Very nice composition and truly relevant in these tough conditions when we need to take care of our immunity more than ever.

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