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‘An exciting journey through India’ Poem by 12 year old Abhiroop Kaur from Kolkata


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Abhiroop Kaur

Hello hello, your friend Sara here! 12 year old Abhiroop Kaur from Kolkata shares this brilliant poem, unifying the country with her exuberance for knowing more and enjoying India, and all its variety!


Abhiroop is a student of Sushila Birla Girls’ School, Kolkata.

‘An exciting journey through India’ Poem by 12 year old Abhiroop Kaur from Kolkata

India is a country in South Asia,
Oh no, I am not talking about Malaysia!
Have you visited the Pangong Lake located in the Himalayas?
Have you experienced the Jama Masjid, the majestic Indo- Islamic mosque by Shah Jahan?
Have you eaten the ‘langaar’ in Golden Temple know as Harmandir Sahib?


Oh, the Kosha Mangsho from Bengal is too amazing!
The long grained rice, flavored with fragrant spices of Telangana is mouth watering.
Chakhwi, the flavors of Tripura is amazingly lip smacking!


The availability of lentil, henna and jewels is a pride for India
The religious prayers held in Meenakshi Amman Temple for Parvati and Lord Shiva.
Watching the cotton grown in the fields, when we go for a ride to Maharashtra
Saying a forever goodbye to America and Alaska.

Have you taken some pictures of Patnitop in Jammu and Kashmir?
If so send them all , send them all to me
Come !! Join me on a ride in the backwaters of Kerala
Then, lets have Erissery for lunch in the shop of Yogishra.
I also want to enjoy the warm and cozy beaches of Goa,
Whenever I go to Bombay, I cry for a samosa.


Have you seen the Nongkrem Dance Festival in Meghalaya
And the Raja Parba Festival held in Odisha?
Ahh!! Pongal celebrated in Tamil Nadu in the month of February
The harvest festival of Lohri is marked by eating sheaves of corn in the month of January.


I have visited all the 29 states.
If you have too,  doesn’t each feel great?


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23 Replies to “‘An exciting journey through India’ Poem by 12 year old Abhiroop Kaur from Kolkata”

  • Sukhpreet singh

    Very good poem written by the author!?

  • Abhineet singh

    Very nice

  • Amanpreet Longia

    Beautiful poem mesmerising our great country so beautifully ??

  • Maitreyee Kar

    Great poem? keep it up.??

  • Maitreyee Kar

    Wonderful poem.God bless.???

  • Ravleen kaur

    Very well done my sister ….so proud of you, very nicely written.

  • Ravleen kaur

    Woww…lovely poem written …proud of you my sister…

  • Parbinder Singh

    It’s amazingly written …
    A beautiful poem …
    Very creative..
    Proud of you … Abhiroop

  • Swati Keshri

    Well expressed by Young Indian Mind…quiet motivating..well done

  • Swati Keshri

    Well expressed by a young indian mind..well done..great going girl

  • Ajaib Singh

    Very nice poem , god bless Abhiroop so that she can write poems much better…

  • Mahek Mehta

    Wow it’s lovely abhiroop

  • Mita Ghosh

    Well done keep it up , keep writing!

  • Madhulekha Nandy

    I am so so proud of Abhirup. The theme of the poem is so relevant in today’s context. When so much of hate and intolerance is spread, Abhirup has successfully brought out the beauty of each State, beautifully amalgamating into one India, a unique quality, despite diverse, that the world appreciates. Keep it up Abhirup. We may see Sarojini Naidu in the future.

  • Jaswinder kaur

    Very well penned down….amazing thoughts about the country of india….well done , keep it up….

  • Jaskirat kaur

    Your hardwork and dedication is admirable.
    Spectacular as u covered multidiversity..
    I greatly appreciate your hardwork and effort.Your work speaks and u have potential to be successful. Keep up the great work…waiting for many more to read..

  • Abhineet singh

    Very nice poem well done??abhiroop

  • Karanvir Kaur kang

    Well done beta??keep it up

  • Kirandeep kaur

    Your poem is much appreciated .. keep up the good work …stay blessed and keep working harde to achieve your goals

  • Harpreet Kaur

    Very nicely written….keep it up

  • Neliam

    Very vey very nice awsome

  • Devinder sg

    Astounding …..??

  • Pushpinder kaur

    Very well written poem .Proud if you Abhiroop
    Keep up the hard work and you will get all the successs.

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