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#SaraReads: Story-A mannequin just like me

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Bansari Ronak Desai_award Bansari Ronak Desai

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here! Ready for some thrill today?Ever been taken aback by some one who seems like your mirror image! Read this story by 9 year old Bansari from Surat , on a very unique theme…

#SaraReads: Story-A mannequin just like me

Bookosmia Surat storyAt the mall one day, I walked by a mannequin that looked exactly like me. I stopped and checked. I rubbed my eyes and checked again. I wasn’t imagining it. It looked like it was modeled on me. It had the same height as me, had the same hairstyle, features and it even wore exactly what I had just picked up and worn at the trial room. A beautiful dress that had all the colours of the rainbow. 


I panicked a little and called out to my friends who were shopping at another section. They came in rushing and asked me what happened. I showed them the mannequin. They said it was a funny co-incidence. They asked me to forget about it. We continued to shop and I picked another dress to wear. I tried it on in the trial room and when I came out, I saw another mannequin wearing that exact same dress! I was a little scared now and ran out. Someone called me. I thought it was my friend. But it wasn’t. It was the mannequin wearing the same clothes as me. 


I screamed loudly and ran. From all directions mannequins came out and started following me. They were all wearing the dresses I had tried on. I ran so fast that my legs collapsed and I fell down. 


When I opened my eyes, I was at home. I got up and saw my friends playing in the other room. 


“When did you come back from the mall?” I asked them.


“Which mall?” they asked me in surprise. I reminded them of the scary adventure we had just a little while back. They laughed and said I must have dreamt it all. “There is no mall like that and you don’t have any dress in rainbow colours,” they said. 


I felt relieved. As I got up, I found something underneath my pillow. I lifted it. It was a rainbow coloured dress. 

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