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A Mother’s Unconditional Love | Bookosmia

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Adwaith Menon
Hi everyone! Sara here. 12-year-old Adwaith Menon, a Bookosmian from Chennai right writes a poignant tale of a mother and son’s relationship based on a true incident. Nothing quite like the love of a mother isn’t it?
Adwaith is a student of NSN Memorial School, Chennai.

A Mother’s Unconditional Love | Bookosmia


A mother’s unconditional love


Being a mother is a very difficult thing to do. Taking care of the family, looking after the domestic chores in the house, their own office work and so many things are done by mothers.

A mother is like fuel for the world. Without them, the world would never even ignite.


Let me tell you an incident which I have personally observed.


Once there lived a woman named Amrita. She loved children. She was so fond of them, that whenever the boys and girls in Krishna Nagar broke her window while playing cricket, she would give them treats.


For 9 months, Amrita held her bouncy baby in her womb. The doctors told Amrita to eat a lot as the baby required the nutrition of the food eaten by the mother. Amrita followed these practices and regularly ate fruits. Then it was time for the delivery.


‘It’s a boy!’ exclaimed the doctor.


The baby was very cute.


A year passed and the baby turned one. Amrita wanted a small birthday party but the party turned out to be a grand one. The baby could speak one word now. Mama.

A mother’s unconditional love



Another year passed and the baby turned 2. The baby started walking. Amrita was very fond of the baby. His name was kept as ‘Aayush’.


Aayush grew up to be a very smart and sportive boy. The boy was very obedient but was a little arrogant too.


Aayush was 6 when he started school. When he went to school, the parents found out that their son was very fond of science. He won the first prize in the science fair and got a football scholarship.


Aayush had many friends at school. His best friends were Deepak and Charlie.


He had attained everything good in his life, much to the joy of his parents.


When he turned 23, Aayush started a business. He became very successful and earned a lot of money. He moved to his own house in another city. After that, he became very busy and did not find time to see her.



Amrita was very worried about her son. She called him every day and Aayush would pick up his calls only twice a week.


Amrita started losing weight in worry and stopped eating enough food.


A mother’s unconditional love


One day, Aayush called his mother and said “Mom can you lend me 1 lakh rupees?”


It was a big amount but she decided to provide her child with the money. This continued and Aayush called his mother only when he wanted something.


As she grew old, with no money to support herself, Amrita went to an old age home and lived there for the rest of her years.



Amrita had done everything she could for her child, that was because of the most powerful force in the world – a mother’s love. Unfortunately, she did not receive the affection and love she deserved.



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