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A party without food?! Story

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Radhya Choudhary

Hey everyone, Sara here! Looking for a fun read? Here is 11 year old Radhya Choudhary from Kolkata shares this amusing account of a bday party she planned wonderfully, with just a minor problem- she forgot about the food. What will happen next?

A party without food?! Story

It was my brothers birthday on 13th of June and he was very excited as he
was turning 11 years old. So, I planned a surprise birthday party for him.

I invited his friends and a few of mine as well.  My mother was keeping him busy by playing his favourite sport, badminton, with him while I decorated the house quietly and secretly.


He likes the Harry Potter books. So I also made a Harry Potter cake with the  help of my friend. I arranged some games and a Harry Potter quiz. All his friends came inside the house from the back door. When I signaled my mother  to bring him inside the house, he was startled to see the decorations and  slowly understood it was a surprise birthday party.


He was in seventh heaven and also delighted that I had taken the trouble to  plan it. His friends wished him in unison and handed him their presents.


At that point of time, I realized I had forgotten to cook or organize his favourite food items. He loved hot chocolate, treacle tart , Molly Weasley’s sandwiches and some  noodles. I had forgotten about food because the decorations and cake took up all my time!


My brother was very bewildered for a second as to how someone could forget  food for a party. My mother suggested to us that we have a Harry Potter  cookout. We all made my brother’s favourite food items. We were laughing and tasting everyone’s dishes. The chaos in the cooking was funny and happy crazy.


At first I thought the surprise birthday would turn out to be a disaster but it  turned out to be double the fun. After the games and quiz he cut the cake I had made for him. We all ate the cake and the guests went back home.

I had lots of fun arranging the surprise party and my brother also enjoyed a lot.  His friends thanked me for inviting them over. It was the first time I arranged a  surprise party and it turned out very well.


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