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A taste of the village life, in Devadanam- Essay


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F. Anjali

Hey friends, Sara here! A few days back I shared the write ups from kids of their favourite tourist spots, as we celebrated World Tourism Day. 10 year old F. Anjali from Chennai shares how wonderful it was to get a taste of the village life. A perfect inspiration to slow down over the weekend.


Anjali is a student of NSN Matriculation School, Chennai.

A taste of the village life, in Devadanam- Essay

My family  loves to go to villages. One day we decided to go on a trip to a  village in Rajapalayam called Devadanam. We went there by train.


I enjoyed travelling in the train. We bought a lot of snacks and toys during our  journey. We reached Devadanam after a 12 hours train journey. When we  reached the station my excitement level went up, looking at the lush green fields and trees.


People were staring at us as though we belonged to a different planet and  received us with a beautiful smile.

We reached my relatives house by bus, followed by a short walk. There is no Uber or Ola cabs in the village. I was surprised in the beginning. There was only  one small school there for the entire village. The children studying in the  school were not in a hurry to go to school, like my friends and I. In fact for them, getting ready for the school was not a big deal because school was only
a  walk away from their house. Those kids  woke up early in the morning,  finished their daily chores and then went to school on foot.

The next day we went to a forest in Devadanam for trekking. There were  many things to explore there. I enjoyed it a lot. We went to  swim in a river. My mom and I were sitting on a rock, dangling our legs in a small puddle filled with tiny fishes. I enjoyed it a lot and I played there too.


We cooked with the people there in the village. I ate the food happily. Then we  took a train and came back to Chennai, with a lot of memories.  I will never  forget that experience .It was very interesting and enthusiastic.


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2 Replies to “A taste of the village life, in Devadanam- Essay”

  • N Somasundaram

    Excellent narrative from a child’s point of view. She clearly brings out the differences between the urban and the rural life. I could sense the child’s longing for the peaceful and serene village life. Pl write more Anjali.
    N Somasundaram, Commandant, Indian Coast Guard.à

  • Anjali

    Thanks sir

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