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Adventure – A Nature Trail To Remember | Bookosmia


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Param Pachchigar

Hey people! Your friend, Sara here. 7 year old Param Pachchigar, a Bookosmian from Boston went on an awesome nature trail to Fells. Here’s his adventure story. Tell us yours!

He goes to Lynch Elementary School.

Adventure – A Nature Trail To Remember | Bookosmia

Adventure - A nature trail to remember


It was a hot spring day so we decided to go to Fells, Winchester MA. It is a public recreation area covering more than 2200 acres.


I was excited to go on the trail. But I was also tired because it was so hot.

I walked down the trail and passed a little rocky stream. I was a little scared because the water was a little deep. Someone told us that there was a ribbon snake over there. I wanted to catch it but my dad said it was too slippery, so we went ahead.


We drank some water on the way. Soon we came to this place where we saw a beautiful painted turtle with an orange plastron (shield). We got closer but it went away. We continued on our mysterious trail.


Adventure - A nature trail to remember


We saw a bridge. There was a fence, so we couldn’t go on the bridge. Soon my dad told me to step on the big brick below.


I was a little scared because there was deep water below. I ducked and we saw a red wasp. I stood still till the wasp flew away.


I ducked again and made it on the bridge. We also saw a few big painted turtles. We went ahead and my dad told me that we are going on a snake trail.


Adventure - A nature trail to remember


We went down. It was steep down the hill. Soon we saw a snake go in its burrow. We saw another snake a few minutes later! We went up the hill to take a break.


We sat on the rocks near the lake to eat bananas, but suddenly someone said that there was a snapping turtle here.


I ran to see it and it was huge! Almost 35-40 pounds! I was so happy! Also, I thought I saw some fish eggs.


Adventure - A nature trail to remember


Soon, I went home and talked about my tale to my mom and my friend Silas.


That was one of my coolest adventures!

Adventure - A nature trail to remember

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  • Geeta jogi

    Awesome.We enjoyed reading this adventure story.good job param.looking forward to hearing more stories from u.

    Raj n Geeta


    Great effort Param. Keep it up dear. Well written. Amazing experience too??

  • Girish Shah

    Very nice

  • Meghna Mahesh Joshi

    Very nice ??

  • Bhavna Shah

    Well narrated, keep going ?

  • Pinky Sharma

    Very nice Param

  • Tushar H (@TusharHeray)

    Keep it up. Very nice Param!

  • Manish

    Great adventure experience param Shivam,
    Amazing !!!

  • Vibhuti Marfatia

    Very nicely written param. Enjoyed reading about your trail. Keep up the good work?

  • Manish

    Amazing article param loved it. Would love to hear such adventurous stories.??
    Khushi Manish nd hina

  • Shobha shah

    Keep up your wonderful work and thank you for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading this story. ?

  • Manish

    Amazing job Param.Loved it.Keep it up ??
    Put down in words beautifully and amazingly structured.?
    Manish Hina and Khushi

  • Manish

    Amazing job praram. Keep it up. Loved the way it is put up by you and the way words are structured.

    Manish Hina Khushi

  • Uday Eknath Rege

    Wow Param.What a wonderful experience you must have had!!!!!! I enjoyed reading one.Keep on sending more such stories.God bless

  • Jayshree Eknath Rege

    Hi Param Mimi enjoyed reading.I wish some day you write your own book.All the best.

  • Dr Hiral Gandhi

    Very nice story.. I look forward to reading more of your stories… keep it up?

  • Dr Hiral

    Very nice story.. I look forward to reading more of your stories.. keep it up..??

  • Shobha

    Keep up your wonderful work.. very nice story.?

  • Rajesh Jogi

    Lovely story Param Keep it up.

  • Stuti Rege

    I appreciate you. Param you have a very good talent. The story that you have written is interesting and inspiring. Loved it ???

  • Stuti Rege

    I appreciate you. Param you have a very good talent. The story you have written is very interesting and inspiring. Loved it???

  • The newest kid on the block “PARAM” the name is enough .

  • Parth Padhiyar

    Amazing story Param, keep it up!! Looking forward to read more about your adventures!! Take care

  • Shivangi Shah

    Very nice param ….kee it up ?well done

  • Yogendra

    Very nice PARAM, The author of new kids generation.

  • Pratiksha Joshi

    Wow…what an amazing day you had.wonderfully narrated story little champ. Keep it up??

  • Darshan J Shah

    Really appreciate at such a young age so much of thought process and that too sincerely…..I wish him for the future….good work PARAM keep it up….

  • Loved to hear about your adventures! Keep up the good work Param!

  • Dinkar upadhyay

    Very good are very adventurous n talented .very interesting story inspired us also for adventure.very nice keep it.??

  • Dinkar upadhyay

    Very good Param. You adventurous n talented.great inspiring story temted us for adventure.keep it up??

  • Puja

    Very nicely depicted and was very wonderful experience of reading one can actually get a real experience by just reading it.Keep it up param??

  • Anjana

    Very nice article Param .keep it up

  • Rinal dalal

    Very nicely said. Good work .keep it up. All the best to you .

  • Vandita Jogi

    very nicely narrated.. Good job… Keep it up Param… All the best for next one…

  • Khyati

    Awsome param….we njoyed it so much…such a brave boy….soon will go together….bravo my champ

  • Dhwani Rege

    It was a wonderful experience and reading this story was fun,Keep doing it Param,
    And i loved your story.

  • jasmin sharma

    Very nice Param , great job , keep it up , I loved your story

  • Shashwat

    Mr param pchigar. Sorry you are my bravo nature boy NEVER STOP EXPLORING. one thing always remember param jobs fill your pocket only but lively nature animals trees and your adventure towards them full fill yours soul

  • Harsha joshi

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  • Srushti Marfatia

    Great article Param! Loved to read about your experience. Keep up the good work?

  • Priti Sharma

    Very nice article Param

  • Tejasvi Brahmbhatt

    Well done param??keep it up ?

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    Nice adventure story param? keep it up n u write more n more stories n became writer n author of the book ?well done param all the best for your next story???

  • Vaishali Dani

    Too good awesome keep it up
    Best of luck for your next story

  • Avanish


  • Param and Disha

    Thank you so much everyone for your support and motivation. I will share my new story soon. I will work hard and try to give my best. I am feeling very blessed. Thank you once again. – PARAM

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