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Alien Adventure – Rescuing Dad | Bookosmia

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Sanya Mehta
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. Watch out! The aliens are here! What happens next? Read this thoroughly creative poem by 9 year old Sanya Mehta, a Bookosmian from Doha, to find out!
Congrats to Wings Preschool & Activity centre for nurturing her creativity.

Alien Adventure – Rescuing Dad | Bookosmia


Alien adventure - Rescuing dad


One day, a few aliens appeared,
Just before I could stop them, they disappeared.

When I went back home, I could not find my dad!
Oh! I thought the situation was bad.

I knew, I knew, I had to get him back,
So I went, but along with me I carried an important sack.

Soon I reached a maze,
But it was puzzling as there were so many ways.

I decided to take a break and have a nap,
Suddenly I woke up as I heard some footsteps tap.

So again on my journey I went, only to reach a dead end!

I slapped the wall hard and was shocked to see, it could bend!

Soon I reached the other side,
And there I found my dad tightly tied.

I untied him and we ran out of the maze,
then from my important sack I pulled out a map,
Then we reached home
and ate some delicious hot wraps!


Alien adventure - Rescuing dad



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