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An Animal Story – Letting Go Of Fear | Bookosmia

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Amaaya Prashanth
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 7 year old Amaaya Prashanth, a Bookosmian from Singapore pens an interesting tale about a jaguar who learns to let go of her fears thanks to her friends. What do you love most about your friend?
She goes to Nexus International School.

An Animal Story – Letting Go Of Fear | Bookosmia

An animal story - Letting go of fear


Somewhere in Africa, a jaguar was playing with her friends, the lion, hippo and monkey.

The hippo decided to have a competition of who can stomp the loudest. Everyone was okay with it except the jaguar.

She said, “I don’t want to do it.”

“Come on, jaguar,” they all shouted.

“No,” she said and sat under a tree. But the others knew she was capable of much more. She just needed to take a chance. So, they all started stomping and shouting that the jaguar is a risk taker.

Hearing her friends, the jaguar’s confidence increased and she joined the race. She won the race and that’s how the jaguar became a risk taker.


An animal story - Letting go of fear


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