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Kavya Mehta
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 12 year old Kavya Mehta, a Bookosmian from Mumbai writes an inspiring essay about not giving up despite the hurdles that come your way. Just the thought we need to start the day!
Kavya is a student of Thakur International School, CIE.

An Expert Was Once A Beginner | Bookosmia

Do you think that every expert was born skilled or were they a beginner at first and had to go the extra mile to achieve their ambition? Learning is life. To achieve something, we have to burn the candle at both ends. Giving up is the path towards deterioration.

An expert was once a beginner


If every beginner gave up when things got tough, there would be no expert. Every time we hit a roadblock, we cannot simply throw up our hands and say, “I Quit,” you would never get past that. When you know you have failed, you would understand where you made a mistake. You can only learn, never feel discouraged by your failures and also never stop learning. Try to learn from the mistakes and be the best you can be.

If you want to succeed, never draw any conclusion from those who have achieved. They are not lucky. They may make success look easy, but no one knows how much hard work has gone into making them reach this position. Everyone starts as a beginner and takes that first step, and only by moving forward can they reach that expert level.


An expert was once a beginner


Late. Dhirubhai Ambani was one of the biggest examples. Dhirubhai Ambani-the son of a poor village teacher achieved his ambition by his confidence and passion. He faced numerous failures, but by his efforts and hope he started a business and thereafter gained huge success.

Ambani suffered through many hurdles in his life but he never gave up and fought tooth and nail. Following that, today his company is among the world’s best. This shows us that whether you are rich or poor you will get many obstacles through your way of success and you have to choose the correct path without limiting yourself.

An expert was once a beginner


To push yourself to the next level, you need to put in the extra effort. With proper dedication, persistence, consistency, we learn to do our best. The same is the case with reaching your goal. It is not that difficult, and anyone can do it with a will to learn and implement.

Therefore, just believe in yourself and you can do the impossible.

An expert was once a beginner


So, before you give up always remember,

‘An expert in anything was once a beginner!’

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  • kavya mehta

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity and publishing my article. This is a wonderful platform where kids get encouraged and motivated. I am on cloud nine.

  • Harshit Mehta

    Wow great keep it up ???

  • kavya mehta

    Thank you ?

  • Darshna

    Congratulations Kavya. I m very proud of u and very happy well done and keep it up

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