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An ocean of emotions- Essay

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Yashvi Jalan

Hey everyone, Sara here! 13 year old Yashvi Jalan from Kolkata shares what it is like to be a teenager. It may be hard, but there is much to look forward to, as well.


Yashvi is a student of Sushila Birla Girls’ School, Kolkata

An ocean of emotions- Essay

Young boys and girls from thirteen to nineteen are teenagers. They are neither young nor adult. They seem to stand at a cross road known as  adolescence. It is turbulent. This is the period when an endless deep ocean of emotions lies within one.


It gives rise to eclectic thoughts and mood swings. One finds them in a vulnerable stage. In some ways, being a teenager can be the hardest chapter  of one’s life. They mostly struggle with image, gender, self confidence and  tons of emotional issues.


This is the time when one tries to define who they are, not only to everyone  but also to themselves. It’s a time when one wants to gain predominance and  enjoy independence. None like someone poking their nose in their task or correcting them. This feeling is quite familiar to me. Every time any elder or my parents try to point out my flaws, I feel disturbed and cross.


I always dwell on whether my decisions are right or wrong but always end up  getting puzzled. It’s a period when relationships with others change. It’s the  age when many hormonal changes take place. The only thing that calms my  mind and provides me relief from my unnecessary frustration is soft relaxing  instrumental music.


The most repetitive feeling one has is to argue with everyone and prove their point superior. Despite all these negative points, teenage life is considered as  the most unique period of one’s life. Maybe there are many negative aspects that arise in one’s life during this crucial period. Yet it is the time when one can enjoy their independence and lead their thoughts onto the correct track. One’s thoughts become abstract. They can enjoy their precious times with friends  and take their first step into the real world.


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  • Very craftfully and realistically scripted…KUDOS…

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