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Autobiography of a bullet proof jacket- Essay

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Aashna Agarwal

Hey friends, Sara here! Here is a really creative piece by 11 year old Aashna Agarwal from Kolkata. Imagining life as a bullet proof jacket!

Autobiography of a bullet proof jacket- Essay

I am a bullet proof jacket. My main function is to protect the person using me, from bullets. My siblings and me were manufactured when  the World War II began, and Germany, my birth place placed an order of  1000 of my kind .

The factory people transported me to the headquarters, then I was given to the army. I was used by a brave soldier. He was very  good at his duty of fighting for his country and so was I, in protecting him  from the bullets. There were many days when bullets tried to attack him but I worked as his life guard and did not let the bullets attack him. He used me for 2194 days for World War II and for many  other wars.


My owner was a very generous man and he used to thank me very day for saving his life. Unfortunately, one day he died because one of the  bullets attacked his head. For many days I was lying on the sand in the  battle field.


Now, in 2020 I am in the International Maritime Museum. Take a glance at me and my siblings. People get surprised seeing me.

Today, I am very happy being here as people read about me and the horrors of war. I hope one day there would be no need to make bullet proof jackets like me.

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