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#SaraReads: Autobiography of a pillow

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Harshika Agarwal

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. Of all the things we that come to mind, ever thought what life as a pillow would be? 7 year old Harshika from Kolkata, did just that. Read this creative yet touching story.

#SaraReads: Autobiography of a pillow

Autobiography of a pillow

One fine day at the Softy pillow factory I was manufactured as a baby pillow.


I was stuffed with cotton fiber. After that I was packed and moved to a shop  and put in the at the ‘Baby pillows’ section. I was white in colour.

After a few days, a woman came to the ‘baby section’ and bought me for her new born baby. My owner had to go out , so as she made the baby sleep on me, he stopped crying. I realized that I am very soft and comfortable for him. He went into a deep slumber.


Months passed and the baby learnt to crawl. He chewed me, vomited on me,  cried on me and would throw me under the bed. I used to smell really bad.

As the baby grew up he stopped using me. So one day he told his mother, “Mom I don’t want to use my baby stuff anymore, so why don’t we keep it in a big trunk.” Everything was put in the attic. So they put me in the trunk and after many years I became a pillow for fond memories.

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