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Autobiography of a swing- Read Essay with Sara #SaraReads

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Kiaan Raj Nathan

Hey folks, Sara here. A weekend without some swing time is not really a weekend, is it? So whether you step out or not, 8 year old Kiaan Raj Nathan from K R Mangalam World School, New Delhi has brought the swing to us. Hats off to his creativity.

Autobiography of a swing- Read Essay with Sara #SaraReads

Amidst the green trees in a society park in South Delhi , everyone calls me a swing. I am made of a metal called iron and have a shade above my head.


My neighbours are a slide, monkey bar, merry- go-round and Mr.Gym. Yamuna Apartment purchased me some forty years ago. It was in a factory set up that I was built.

The colour of my body is blue and children love to play on me. When I am  pushed, I also have a lot of fun.


I entertain not only children but also the grownups. On festivals like Navratri , I  am decorated with lots of flowers.

In the mornings, very few children come on me. One night it rained so heavily  that I almost broke from my shed and went completely zig zag.

Every day is a new day for me. My happy times are when I am surrounded by a lot of children.

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