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Bedtime Story – All That Glitters Is Not Gold | Bookosmia


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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 11 year old Vidhi Giani, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a super story about a golden bird’s clever idea to test if its owners like it even without its beautiful appearance.
Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing her creativity. She goes to La Martiniere for Girls.

Bedtime Story – All That Glitters Is Not Gold | Bookosmia

There was a golden bird which was not a usual one. It could become invisible at any time or could change its colour.

Bedtime story - All that glitters is not gold

One day, it went to a rich family’s house. They treated the bird very nicely and fed it thrice each day. They were very loyal to the bird.

Were they treating him well because he was golden? The bird decided to test them by changing his body colour. The next day, when the owner came to feed the bird, he could not see the golden bird but just an average brown one.

Bedtime story - All that glitters is not gold

They tried to shoo away the bird then they saw it changing its form back to how it was, and they were shocked to see its golden colour.

The bird understood that they were greedy people and left the house. Then the bird went to a poor family’s house in it’s average brown colour and to his surprise, the people were treating the bird as if it was a golden one. The bird was not quite convinced, so he stayed in his ugly form for a week or two. Still, the family was taking care of it.

Bedtime story - All that glitters is not gold

The bird was overjoyed to find some golden hearted people. The next day, when the owners were about to get him food, he changed to his golden form.

The poor people thought it was a miracle. The bird gifted them wealth to live a happy and comfortable life.

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2 Replies to “Bedtime Story – All That Glitters Is Not Gold | Bookosmia”


    Wow vidhi it was awesome


    Dear Vidhi , I always felt happy to have you in my Maths class ,being the most energetic and spontaneous too with lots of creative ideas.
    So here now we have budding writer blooming …May you grow and shine in all your future endeavours.
    Keep smiling and be strong enough to face the hurdles of your life.
    I experienced how soft and good at your heart.
    So do all your friends who keep loving you Always.

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