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#SaraReads: Story- Blossom, the cow


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Adritti Gattani

Sara here everyone. 7 year old Adritti from Bhilwara has a message to give through this cute story- junk food is bad, not only for us but cows too! Read on.

#SaraReads: Story- Blossom, the cow


Once there was a cow, its name was `Blossom’. It gave yummy milk.  Everyday guests came to the farm to have a picnic. One day the guests felt the milk was sour. They said, “O farmer Umi, I think Blossom is giving sour milk.”

“Oh! No…no…no…,” said the farmer. The farmer gave Blossom some more vegetables and fruits to eat. But it didn’t work.


“Oh dear! Blossom isn’t giving sweet milk anymore. The guests were unhappy.  Let me try giving her grass from the backfield,” said farmer Umi. 


He went there and saw, there were many people having a picnic. They were giving junk food to Blossom! Yes, that’s why Blossom was giving sour milk, he thought. The farmer requested those people not to feed Blossom with junk food again. They apologized to farmer Umi. 


Now Blossom is back with the sweetest milk on the earth.

6 Replies to “#SaraReads: Story- Blossom, the cow”

  • Deepa

    Very well written and expressed for a 7yr old! Congratulations and keep it up.

  • Meeta Mathur

    Environmentally aware, imaginative and a writer ?. Keep it up dear girl

  • Aunty K

    Awesome.. Adritti. You grow beyond leaps and bounds…

  • Kumud

    Awesome Adritti!Proud of u sweetheart.

  • priyanka

    wow superb girl…just like mom

  • Cute story with a quick message… lovely ?

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