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Breaking The Witch’s Spell | Bookosmia

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Sia Patel
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 9 year old Sia Patel, a Bookosmian from Ranchi writes a story about three brave girls who help drive out witches from a hotel. How imaginative!
She goes to Loreto Convent.

Breaking The Witch’s Spell | Bookosmia

Breaking the witch’s spell


It was a lovely and sunny morning.


Flimsy woke up early and decided to go on a walk.


Half way into her walk, she met her best friend, Noori. A bit further, they met another best friend, Flora.


They discovered something strange – they had all heard about a ghost near the river bank. Then they told about their plan to explore the riverbank to Mrs. Shaw, their teacher, who was actually a wizard.


Breaking the witch’s spell


After school, they quickly ran towards the riverbank and hid behind a tree and saw that the ghost was actually the evil queen! She was the queen of witches.


At first, the girls got a bit frightened and started shivering. After a while, they saw the queen going towards a hotel. The girls followed her. There was a big board outside which read, ‘DO NOT ENTER – Witches only’.


Breaking the witch’s spell



When the girls entered, they saw a terrifying witch. The witch had cracks on her face.  She had a stone instead of an eye. They hid behind the door but they got caught. The witch turned them into small cats. The girls (now the cats) ran as fast as they could and went out of the hotel.

They went to their teacher Mrs. Shaw and she turned them back into human beings. The girls told the teacher about everything they saw inside the hotel. Thanks to the information they brought, the teacher knew exactly how to defeat them.

Together, using their brains and power, the girls defeated the witches and won.

Breaking the witch’s spell

The witches went back to where they belonged and all the hotel staff and the owner were turned back into human beings.

The hotel was no more under the spell of evil witches and the owner thanked the girls for helping him.

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