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Brother – A Special Gift To You | Bookosmia

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Aishwarya Singh
Hey people! Your friend, Sara here. 12 year old Aishwarya Singh, a Bookosmian from Bareilly ( Uttar Pradesh) makes us go ‘aww’ with this sweet poem for her brother. Got a message for your sibling? Tell us!
She goes to Chikar International School.

Brother – A Special Gift To You | Bookosmia


Brother - A Special gift to you

I want to let you know,
You mean the world to me.

The pillar of our family,
A piece of my heart,
A portion of my life,
I think literally a slice of me.

You are my best friend, my guide, my mentor,
When I see you happy that makes my day,
But when I see you sad,
I think about how to make you feel happy.

I Like to fight with you,
Love to irritate you,
But also like to listen to your silly jokes.

Sometimes I feel what a strange creature God has made!
Just want to tell you,
You are the only one,
No one can be like you.


Brother - A Special gift to you


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